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  1. All parts are warrantied for 100 days from the purchase date unless otherwise stated or an extended warranty is purchased. all warranties are limited to the original purchaser and are non-transferable.
  2. All refunds or adjustments must be accompanied by a receipt.
  3. All cores must be returned within 30 days for a core refund. cores must be drained of all fluids or there will be a $10 service charge.
  4. Electrical items are non-refundable and are on a 15 day exchange basis only. electrical components may need to be flashed or reprogrammed to work correctly with your vehicle, this is a normal procedure with todays electronic controlled vehicles and viking auto parts will not be responsible for any costs involved in getting a reflash or reprogramming procedure completed on any electrical component that we sell. items may not be returned to viking because they need reflashed or reprogrammed.
  5. Without exception, no labor will be paid for removal, replacement, or repair on parts sold unless a seperate labor warranty is purchased.
  6. Warranty is limited to invoiced items only, attached items and/or accessories are not guaranteed. e.g. intake, alternator, steering pump, etc.
  7. Engines are guaranteed as a long block only!!! (long block consists of: cylinder block, rotating assembly, timing set, cylinder heads, and any other parts located inside the block and/or heads) any parts and/or accessories attached to the long block upon sale are not guaranteed to be functional and in no way will viking auto parts ever cover any costs involved in repairing and/or replacing non-functional parts.
  8. If an engine is over-heated or runs low on oil, the warranty is void. heat tabs are installed on all engines and will melt if engine temperature reaches in excess of 260 degrees. if heat tab is melted or removed, warranty is void.
  9. Warranty guarantees replacement or refund of part at discretion of viking auto parts.
  10. Warranty void unless marked and identified as viking auto parts original part. (it is up to the customer to verify part is marked before taking delivery)
  11. Extended parts and labor warranties must be purchased at the original time of sale.
  12. All returns and/or exchanges must be accompanied by an rma (return merchandise authorization) number prior to the warranty process. you must contact your salesman to receive an rma number for your order. please hang on to your rma number during the entire warranty process so that we may quickly and efficiently assist you.
  13. No warranty will be honored unless the customer follows all installation guidelines noted in the order!!!
  14. All returns may be subject to a 25% restocking charge.